Some nice folks from Job & Family Services stopped by with a generous donation. Thank you!

There are many ways you can help support Paws of Urbana…

  • Donations of food, litter and cleaning supplies are always welcome….
  • Volunteers are always needed to help with feeding, housekeeping and laundry…
  • Money – yes, it’s always in short supply. Our shelter runs exclusively on donations – we have no other funding. We would be very grateful for a donation of any amount. You may donate money through the PayPal link on this page, or stop by in person if you prefer to give cash. Thanks!
  • Become a Perpetual Pet Pal through monthly giving – Automatic monthly donations via PayPal are now available through our web site. You can start giving right now!

Regular monthly donations increase the quality of care we can provide our animals and helps ensure that Paws remains a positive part of our community.

No monthly donation is too small. A monthly donation of $10 will sponsor one of the cats or kittens at the shelter, providing the food and basic care for this animal. Each $10 increment will sponsor an additional animal.

7 thoughts on “Please Donate!

  1. Thank you so much for your generosity, and I’m sorry for the delay in response.

  2. Donated $50 in memory of Betty White on her birthday. You do a wonderful service for the cats and kittens of the area.

  3. Alice, I need to stop in and get a receipt for my donation, for ITW .Please let me know when.Thanks Allen Miller

  4. Made a donation in memory of Lynn Latimer from Becky and Brent Ridder. Any way a receipt for my donation can be mailed or emailed to me?

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