Paws Animal Shelter was built in 1990 through donations from you, the residents of Champaign and surrounding counties, and we have successfully operated thanks to your continued support. Paws Animal Shelter belongs to all the residents of the counties we serve.

Regular monthly donations increase the quality of care we can provide our animals and helps ensure that Paws remains a positive part of our community. Giving a monthly sum also eliminates the financial burden of those wanting to help, making it affordable for everyone since small monthly amounts are easier to give than large sums once or twice a year. No monthly donation is too small. A monthly donation of $10 will sponsor one of the cats or kittens at the shelter, providing the food and basic care for this animal. Each $10 increment will sponsor an additional animal.

As always, your donations are tax deductible. If it’s more convenient, you can make payments quarterly, semi-annually, or even once a year.  Automatic monthly donations via PayPal are now available through our web site. Simply click the PayPal button below and check the box that says “Make this a Monthly Donation.” You can start giving right now! If at any time you become unable to continue your donation commitment, simply visit your PayPal account page and indicate your desired changes.

If you’d like to begin giving but would prefer to mail your donation to us here at the shelter, simply fill out and submit the donation commitment form and mail your first donation to:

Paws Animal Shelter
1535 W. US Highway 36
Urbana, OH 43078

The Board of Directors promises not to squander one cent of what you donate. It will be used solely for the care and maintenance of the animals.  Please feel free to stop by the shelter and see our progress and visit with our animals.

Please open your hearts and sponsor one or more of the cats and kittens at the shelter.  We’ll send you a brief biography and photo of on one of the animals you’re helping as a token of our ongoing appreciation!