Shadow showed up as a stray at one of our volunteer’s house. The volunteer fed her for several weeks and was just going to leave her as an outside cat and provide her with food and shelter (she had a box with a heated bed that she slept in every night). The volunteer already has nine cats in her home and just couldn’t take in another one. Anyway, she decided that Shadow is just too friendly to be an outside cat, getting only intermittent attention, so she brought her in to Paws. It only took a day for Shadow to adjust to her changed environment, and now she rubs all over everyone who comes in to see her. It seems like she just can’t get enough attention! The volunteer took her to the vet for feline leukemia/aids testing and vaccines before bringing her to the shelter, and she got a clean bill of health from the vet. He said she has great teeth, clean ears, and “beautiful eyes!” While she’s mostly black, she has white flecks all over, especially on her face. She also has cute white patches on some of her feet. She’s a very pretty cat, and as loving as any cat could be. We took her to the vet to have her spayed. Once she was under they shaved her belly and looked for a spay scar. They didn’t find one, but once they operated they discovered that she had already been spayed. Unfortunately they discovered that she had also been shot with buck shot. The vet removed several pellets from her. This horrible abuse makes her sweet, loving disposition even more remarkable. She’s ready to be adopted, so stop by and meet this adorable young kitty!