Shrimp is a super sweet, loving kitten, who like all kittens LOVES to play and be held. She starts purring the minute you pick her up, and she loves to chase toys and play. She was found at the Shrimp and Fish festival (hmmm…) and brought to Paws when she was only an estimated six weeks old. We recently learned that she is older than indicated by her weight, so she is just undersized because of early malnutrition. She’s eating well now, so we’re hoping that she catches up to a more normal weight and size. She is having problems with her teeth, which the vet thinks is related to her early malnutrition. As a consequence, she has been moved to foster care where she can eat canned food on a more frequent basis. Shrimp is ready to be adopted, so if you are interested in meeting this sweet kitten, call the shelter and her foster family will bring her in for a meet and greet. We guarantee that you’ll fall in love with her, so hurry before someone else puts in an application!