Punkin was brought into the shelter when she was just a year old and unfortunately she was already very pregnant. She had six kittens and was a wonderful mother to them. Once she arrived she was placed in foster care until her kittens were old enough to be weaned. She got lots of TLC there, and she really does love people. She was fostered with a family that has small dogs, and she got along very well with them so she would likely do well in a home with small dogs. She had a rough early start in life, living on the streets and surviving on her own, so she’s ready to be pampered and to make up for lost time. She’s a very pretty cat, and as loving as any cat could be. She’s ready to be adopted, so stop by and meet this sweet young kitty! You’ll fall in love and want to adopt her. If you request more information via Petfinder, please include your phone number for a more-timely response.