We recently learned that two of our kittens, Tank and Snickers, who were adopted together within the past year, have to be returned to our shelter in mid-July. Their mom is heart sick about this, but she has a life-threatening medical issue and cannot keep these kitties. We offer our hopes and prayers to their mom. We know it would really ease her mind if we could find a new home for her babies as soon as possible as it will be traumatic for them to be returned to the shelter. These two are now bonded, as you can tell from the adorable pictures, so they need to be adopted together. If you know anyone who could possibly adopt these two darlings, please have them contact us. Thank you for sharing this with all the cat lovers you know. Somewhere out there is the perfect new family for them, and we appreciate your help in finding them. If you request additional information about these adorable cats via Petfinder, please include your phone number for a more timely response.